Mortgage Broker

Did you know that generally
changing your lender doesn't save you money?

It's true; in most cases, the only people that benefit are the mortgage broker and the banks. 

At The Geyer Group, we do things differently:  We work for you.  If changing your lender won't save you money, we'll renegotiate your existing loan with your current lender.

Mortgage Broker Help, The Geyer GroupWe can help you to:

Secure the best loan for housing, personal or commercial needs
Avoid unnecessary bank fees and charges
Finalise your current mortgage quickly
Re-structure your loan to minimize interest
Avoid paying too much for your first, second or subsequent mortgages
Choose the best deal from over 40 lending institutions

Step 1: Understanding your needs
To know how we can really help you, we need to understand what you want.  So we'll listen to your goals. 

Step 2:  Analysis
Whether you have an existing mortgage or are looking for a new loan, we will analyse your current situation and make recommendations that help you meet your goals.

Step 3:  Implementation
Once you've decided a course of action, we will do the necessary work to make it happen. 

Financial Security with The Geyer GroupFor a mortgage broker who works for you,
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